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Robert K. Vincent, LMBT, CPT
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Certified Fitness Instructor
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Monday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
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Saturday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
*Services available by appointment

Advanced Massage Therapy & Bodywork Charlotte, NC: Services

Spot Focused Massage - 35 Minutes $50
The 35-minute massage therapy session focuses on relieving muscle and soft tissue pain by locating and releasing the Trigger Point /Stress Point that affect normal function and movement. Recommended for pain or tension in a specific or referred body area (neck shoulder, low back, etc.). The Spot Focused massage is also ideal for the individual looking to incorporate maintenance massage into their active lifestyle.

Total Restorative Massage - 60 Minutes $80
The Total Restorative Massage treatment combines traditional elements of Swedish massage with advanced bodywork techniques designed to decrease tension, restore muscular balance and promote general relaxation. The 60 min. session is excellent for a full body treatment allowing ample attention to areas that may require more focused bodywork. 

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage - 60 minutes $80.00
An effective aid to the competitive athlete or anyone engaged in any strenuous activity both before and after an event or workout. This massage is beneficial in the treatment and recovery of muscle and tendon soreness and overuse. Both therapies can incorporate concentrated pressure, friction and stretching specifically to release deep individual muscle fiber and its connective tissue.

Trigger Point Release & Assisted Stretch – 35 minutes $50.00
A Trigger Point is often referred to as a tight or tender area within the muscle tissue that causes pain directly or indirectly to other parts of a related area. TPR Therapy is specifically designed to treat and alleviate the source of the pain spasm through a combination of sustained direct pressure to the muscular stress points in the body and assisted stretching.

Bamboo Fusion Massage   -  60 minutes $ 75.00
The Bamboo Fusion Massage provides a soothing and deep feel without the soreness that can often accompany a traditional deep tissue therapy. We use heated hand crafted bamboo to enhance relaxation and knead away everyday aches and pains.

Functional & Sports Specific Fitness – 60 minutes $75.00

Personalized individual training and workout program combining components of functional exercise designed to isolate and strengthen weak or passive weight bearing muscles including back, abdominal, neck and shoulders. Create a customized program using a variety of adaptable core exercises to enhance balance, build muscle strength and enhance sports performance and active lifestyle.