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Advanced Massage & Bodywork 
Massage Therapy & Fitness

An Integrative Approach to Wellness and Performance with a Singular Focus on You!

​Our single focus is helping every client achieve and maintain a pain-free active lifestyle. As experienced massage therapists we have a genuine interest in understanding your body and why we offer a variety of exceptional massage therapies and Integrative Bodywork services.

Where Massage Meets Integrative Bodywork
Massage Therapy offers many proven benefits that include reducing pain from muscular tension and soft tissue imbalance, increased flexibility, relaxation and more. Our practice is a unique hybrid of traditional and advanced restorative massage, deep tissue, trigger point and assisted stretch therapies incorporated into each and every client-focused treatment. It's a effective results- driven approach for motivated and active individuals also looking to include an preventative maintenance plan into their active lifestyle.

The choice is clear if you 're looking for a balanced and comprehensive approach to relief and relaxation through our unique practice of restorative massage therapy and integrative bodywork services.

Robert K. Vincent, LMBT, CPT is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist and a Certified Personal Trainer. Owner and operator of Advanced Massage & Bodywork in Charlotte with 30 years experience and 10,000 hours of professional practice in the massage therapy and fitness industry.


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  • Restorative Massage Therapy
  • Deep Tissue & Sports Massage
  • Trigger Point Release & Assisted Stretch
  • Bamboo Fusion Massage
  • Functional & Sport Specific Exercise
  • Residential Fitness Management Services

Robert K. Vincent, LMBT, CPT
NC Lic.#7220
Certified Fitness Instructor
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