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Charlotte, NC Massage Therapy of Choice   

Holistic Approach , Singular Focus

You have many options when searching for an experienced massage therapy practice.Unfortunately, many "massage " providers seem more focused on cheap pricing and volume which often can affect the quality value and outcome of an effective therapy experience. At Advanced Massage & Bodywork our single focus is helping every client achieve and maintain a pain-free, active lifestyle..We have a genuine interest in understanding your body.That is why we offer a variety of treatment programs and wellness services personalized to meet the specific needs and concerns of every client.The choice is clear if you're looking for a balanced and comprehensive approach to finding relief and relaxation.

Vemma - nutrition for a lifetime
Ask About our Client Referral Program Advanced Massage & Bodywork in Charlotte offers a variety of affordable treatment services available for you to experience and include as part of your active lifestyle. 
Advanced Massage & Bodywork,Inc.
                                                         Integrative Massage Therapy

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Advanced Massage and Bodywork is a member of the American Massage Therapists Association